Reject Ballot Initiative 2014-5 in Bullhead City

As representatives of the city’s public safety employees, we are speaking out in no uncertain terms against what is falsely known as “The Contract For Prosperity.”

If this measure passes, it will permanently set the funding levels for police officers and fire fighters at rock bottom, making sure that we cannot replace the manpower and resources our community lost in the aftermath of the Great Recession. The men and women on the frontlines have, over the past six years, done more with less in every possible way.

We did so willingly, because we understood that our City was facing an emergency. This measure makes that emergency permanent. It takes power away from the elected leaders and city manager we rely on to make smart budget decisions. Instead, it ends the flexibility necessary to make smart budget decisions and requires expensive elections any time the City might need additional revenue.

To us, that’s not smart. That’s cutting off your nose to spite your face.

We are proud to work to keep Bullhead City safe … but if you want this community to stay safe and to keep our quality of life high, you’ll join us in rejecting this bad idea ballot proposition