Gift of Life Basketball Fundraiser – August 18

Gift of Life FundraiserHelp the Fraternal Order of Police raise money to assist a kidney donor who courageously volunteered to give the gift of life to one of Bullhead City Police Department’s founding members, retired Sergeant Mike Newman.  Mike Newman, 56, served the Bullhead City community as a police officer for 20 years.

Mike is in the end stage of total renal failure.  His family was desperately seeking a living donor for a kidney transplant when a Bullhead City resident, Kellie Boff, stepped forward to save Mike’s life.

The medical procedures are covered by insurance, however, Mike and Kellie’s travel, lodging and other expenses associated with taking time off work, travel and extended stay lodging are out of pocket expenses. Please help us offset these expenses by making a tax deductible donation.

You are invited to the Fraternal Order of Police Basketball Fundraiser at 4 pm Saturday, August 18, 2012, to be held at the new Mohave High School Gym, 2251 Highway 95, Bullhead City.

Game 1: Media vs Bullhead City
Game 2: Police vs Firefighters
Bullhead City Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 50 and the Bullhead City Fire Fighters Association

The public is invited to the game to have fun and cheer on your favorite team.  There is no charge, however, donations will be greatly appreciated.

The Fraternal Order of Police is seeking business sponsorships:

  1. Sponsor a free throw line, the snack bar or basket
    • Free Throw Line – $100 (includes sign production) Your business logo will be on the free throw line and if you provide a banner, we will display it in the gym during both games.  Your business name will also be announced when a free throw is attempted.
    • Snack Bar Sponsor – $100 (includes sign production) Sponsorship of the snack bar includes: 3 ft x 5 ft vinyl sign on the snack bar with your business name.  Your business name will be announced frequently throughout the game.
    • Basket Sponsorship Package $500 (includes sign and shirt production costs)Your business banner will be displayed behind your backboard and hoop, as well as on the shirt of every player for both games as well as the posters, flyers and press releases promoting the event.

Your donation is tax deductible; please make checks payable to Arizona FOP Foundation and send to:
Colorado River Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 50
PO Box 21719
Bullhead City, Arizona 86439

If you have questions regarding sponsorship or a donation of raffle prizes, please email or call Brian Morin at 928-234-4768 or Tom Ferris at 702-423-2590.

100% of the proceeds including raffles, snack bar and donations will help Mike and Kellie.

Brian Morin, Vice President
Colorado River Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 50
PO Box 21719
Bullhead City, Arizona 86439